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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:59pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the face of a killer, ingmar guandique convicted of the murder of chandra levy, the end of nine years of doubts for so many people, but those who loved her most say their agony lives on. >> the result of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. >> good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm laura evans in tonight for shawn. guilty of murder, that is the verdict that could mean life in prison for ingmar guandique. the fox 5 news team is covering
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every angle tonight. lead prosecutors and police speak out. the emotional words from her mother following today's verdict, the jurors with their take on the case and our experts will weigh in live. we begin tonight with fox 5's roby chavez who has been covering this trial since it started. >> it was a purely circumstantial case and today a big victory for the prosecution. there was no eyewitness and no dna evidence, but by 11:45 this morning a verdict was reached. you could feel the tension inside the courtroom. levy's mother let out a sigh. ingmar guandique stormed out and jurors cried as the guilty verdict was read. it was a dramatic and anxiety filled moment as the foreperson stood up and delivered the guilty verdict on two counts of murder. soon after ingmar guandique threw his headsets down and stormed out of the courtroom. prosecutors and police praised the decision even if it took a while. >> it's been nearly 10 years since the promise of a young life was lost in rock creek
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park and while today's verdict does not restore that promise, today's verdict does send a message that it's never too late for a murder to be held accountable for -- murderer to be held accountable for his crime. it's never too late for justice to be served. >> it takes relentless commitment, compassion and caring like i just discussed, that you never give up regardless of criticisms, regardless of mistakes, regardless of whatever. if you're going to bring justice to a family you just don't ever give up and i think that's what they didn't escape. >> reporter: as the verdict was read, jurors were visibly shaken and some wiped away tears. levy's mother susan stared intestinally at guandique. later she -- intently at guandique. later she called the guilty verdict a miracle. >> there's always going to be a feeling of sadness. i'm not sure it's a sense of peace, but i could surely tell you it ain't closure. >> reporter: the verdict came after an 11 day trial and 3 1/2 days of deliberations.
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chandra levy disappeared in may of 2001. her remains were found a year later in rock creek park. police still don't know how she died, but there was evidence that she had been violently attacked, perhaps tied up. ingmar guandique was already serving time for attacking two other women in the park when detectives decided to take another close look at him. after court prosecutors spoke directly to the courage of the levy family. >> our hearts go out to the levy family which has shown remarkable strength and courage throughout this ordeal and while today's verdict will never give them back their daughter, we are hopeful that it gives them some level of comfort and aids them in moving forward. >> reporter: defense lawyers did not talk today but have maintained all along he was a scapegoat for a botched investigation. guandique is 29 years old. he will now face a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. he'll be sentenced february the 11th. now he was convicted of one count of murder with kidnapping
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and a second count of murder with attempted robbery. >> got to ask you here about congressman gary condit who was romantically linked to chandra in 2001 after she was declared missing and he became a person of interest from the outing set in the investigation. he did testify in court but was a reluctant witness. any reaction from gary condit today. >> late tonight condit's lawyer said the verdict represents a vindication that comes too late to repair the damage done to his client, gary condit's career. >> thank you. now to the group of people who had to decide ingmar guandique's fate. today's verdict ended the ordeal for jurors who have listened to weeks of emotional, sometimes gruesome testimony. three of those jurors spoke out after the guilty verdict was read. fox 5's matt ackland here with that part of the story. >> just imagine the emotional toll this has taken on the members of the jury. they have basically given up their jobs, daily routines and have been told to focus on this
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trial for weeks. the jury took 3 1/2 days to come up with this decision and the three who spoke out today say the guilty verdict was the right move. just looking at their faces you could see the long trial had been stressful on the jurors, but speaking outside the courthouse they made it clear their guilty verdict was a decision made very carefully. >> it's just been a very wearing and tiring experience. >> reporter: although their lives had been turned upside down for about a month, the jurors took their time revisiting every piece of evidence presented. linda nor continuance there was so much to look at -- norton says there was so much to look at their small meeting room aves packed. >> we had many, many have, room was packed. >> we had many, many, many exhibits of every conceivable kind and we went through all of them and that takes a long time. >> reporter: we may never know what was actually said inside that deliberation room. did the jury believe armando morales' story that guandique
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admitted to killing levy or did guandique's previous attacks against women in rock creek park sway the group? >> we have decided as a group not to talk specifically about our deliberations, but we did look over everything. >> reporter: as the verdict was read, several jurors were seen wiping tears from their eyes, a long exhausting trial finally over. >> i don't that know it was particularly difficult. it was lengthy. we took it very seriously. we felt that we owed it to everyone involved to go through the evidence completely. >> you're dealing with somebody also life, two people's lives and i don't take that lightly. i take that very, very seriously and i'm confident with the decision that we made. >> reporter: towards the end of the interview in front of the courthouse today juror susan kelly was asked if she was at peace with the verdict. she replied i am. >> matt ackland, thank you. the jurors not the only ones
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speaking out tonight. today was the first time chandra levy's mother has spoken publicly since the trial began. you heard from her earlier and as you can imagine, she had a lot to say once this case was finally closed. >> there's always going to be a feeling of sadness, you know. i like the word that you used the sense of peace because i've never heard too many people say that. i'm glad to be here and have followed up on what happened to my daughter no matter how hard it has been for me personally. crime affects more than one person. when you have a crime and someone's died of homicide, which there are too many in america, it affects probably 100 other people and their surroundings. >> now that the case has come to a close we'd like to take a closer look how we ended up here today. joining me now is siri horowitz co-author of the book finding chandra and bernie grimm, a defense attorney who has been
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with us throughout this trial. siri, i'll start with you. this is almost a story we expected if you thought about it as an author. it's extraordinarily important the verdict is today to the levies, the u.s. attorney's office, metro police, but if you're writing the story of this trial, a gang member who attacks two women in rock creek park before getting arrested for attacking chandra levy, that's what we would expect. what do you think the story is of this trial? >> you know, what i saw during this trial was really outstanding lawyering on both sides. back in 2001 and this has been a long sad saga, we really saw the worst of the criminal justice system. we saw tunnel vision, a rush to judgment by the police, prosecutors and the press, but i think now in the last 11 days what we saw was really the criminal justice system to me at its best. you saw a public defender sonenberg defending ingmar guandique and hammering away at the fact that there was no physical evidence in this case
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tying him directly to chandra levy's murder, no dna, blood, fibers or eyewitness, but then the prosecutor, amanda haines, gave a very compelling and effective closing argument bringing the whole case together tying all -- connecting all the dots for the jurors and creating a narrative of what she believed happened to chandra levy and the jurors believed that and found him guilty. >> bernie, all along i sense a little skepticism from you with the prosecution's case because it was based so much on circumstantial evidence. here we have a guy who had no evidence whatsoever against him. in fact, the dna evidence in the case pointed to everybody but him. do you see this as a failure on his lawyer's part to make these arguments better? >> oh, no, no. the lawyers he had were the best that money can't buy in this city and siri knows that from the public defender's office here. i would still have my reservations, but that's the system that we play and that's the one we exist in.
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when the community speaks and says guilty, everybody has to accept it. i think siri knows. it really the final chapter, there are no winners. it was terrible. i have children of my own saying mrs. levy there talking about there's a conviction, but that doesn't get her any closer to where she wants to be. >> this was a national case and obviously it played in our backyard and we all live with the u.s. attorney's office here and the metropolitan police department here. what are the lessons to be learned in this case over the nine years because there was so much doubt cast and even on the media? >> there are many lessons to be learned. the police, as i said, had tunnel vision in this caste and the press, rushed to -- case and the press, rushed to judgment. because of congressman gary condit it was such a sexy story and it really made the story a national and international case. the idea that a congressman might have had something to do with a young intern's murder and, of course, we know that was not the case. >> bernie, the u.s. attorney's office today when they made statements made it a point to tell us they have solved
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several high profile cold cases in this city in the past. do you as a defense attorney in this town see a new direction in d.c. when it comes to cold cases? >> yeah. i actually had one, a trial this past fall, a case that was about six years old and i think you'll see more of that now with ron machen as u.s. attorney and especially with the advent of forensics and dna. they can go back and pull forensics from old cases and run tests on them. >> that's something we didn't have the ability to do a few years ago? >> it's actually great because it gives them new leads on old suspects and, in fact, it can exonerate some people actually are in prison. >> s rhode island, last thoughts on all -- siri, last thoughts on all this as it played out and the last chapter? >> i think it was very interesting what susan levy said today, there was no closure today, but i think today brought some semblance of justice after a long sad case. >> bernie, final thoughts? >> it rips you apart. mr. guandique if for the one moment you think he might be
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innocent, that rips you apart and mrs. levy, either way for her it's still a tragedy. >> thank you both for your time, throughout the trial and tonight as well. we've got everything you need to know about the chandra levy murder case on you can log on, let us know what you think about the verdict and to read paul wagner's blog, our reporter who was inside the courtroom every single day. it is the comment that's sending shock waves across the globe. it's sliding up -- lighting up the web, the pope hinting that in some cases using a condom might be okay, what this means for catholics everywhere next. what i say was the president grab at his throat and lurch to his left. i knew something was wrong. >> 47 years to the day after the kennedy assassination, you're going to hear from the secret service agent who jumped onto the back of that presidential limousine seconds after those shots were fired. we have that story coming up at 10:30. 
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with reaction to the pope's comments about condoms. it's actually the first time a pope has ever discussed this and fox 5's will thomas has a
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closer look. >> it comes from an interview the pontiff gave a german journalist for a book coming out tomorrow and in it the pope says this, that for some people like male prostitutes and that is the example that he gave, it would be assuming a moral responsibility to use a condom if it's in an effort to reduce hiv and aid. >> so what -- and aids. >> is he justifying condoms in all cases here? >> you're like me working on this story today. it's a little foggy. the interview was done in german, but we went out and sought out experts including a catholic writer who also has a master's degree in theology. he says by no means does the catholic church condone the use of condoms, especially as a contraceptive. here's part of our interview. >> the example i like to use a lot to explain is that if you have a bank robber robbing a bank with an unloaded go up, we can say that's a responsible act for him to not use a gun with bullets in it, but the church would say don't rob
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banks, period. so the pope is saying about this if you're going to engage in immoral activity, it's better to do it in a way than to affect your partner, but don't do it to begin. with it's against your human dignity. >> reporter: the vatican is putting its own spin on this saying the pope intentionally made these comments to kick start a worldwide debate. certainly he's done this, but you have to agree no matter where you stand on this issue that it's a big deal and laura, you said this off the start. it's the first time any pope ever has uttered anything about condoms. so it is a big deal for that reason alone. >> quite historic, many people paying attention. a lot of our viewers are weighing in. >> web producer harry post did a question on our facebook page and people, of course, responded. we put them in graphic form. karen said in part condoms are only effective if worn. i'm glad the pope has gotten slightly more with the times. evelyn says has the pope not been watching the news with all the statistics? against the church or not in, this day in age condoms need to
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be worn, period. tonight we also headed over to st. matthew's in d.c. to get more reaction. take a look. >> i would just be opposed to anything that's going to open the door to contraception. i don't think it's right ever and i don't think you should ever do something evil to prevent an evil. >> the catholic church is finally realizing the problems that we have with hiv aids. >> i think it's in the right direction, especially for health and safety. >> so bottom line, the pope does not appear to be taking the church in a new direction on its stance against condoms rather, but certainly and i think we can all agree the world is going to start talking about it, already is. it's all over the blogs, news sites, cable news channels and, of course, fox 5 tonight. >> will thomas, thanks very much. brian back up to you. all the uproar over new security screening procedures at the nation's airports has been heard. the head of the tsa says he's gotten the message and will reevaluate the way things are done.
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a woman says she was taken into a separate room in houston after metal in her knee set off a harms and was told to take off her under-- alarms and was told to take off her underwear. >> she had to take her hands up my skirt and that's when she asked me to pull my underwear down, you know. we've always told our children don't let nobody touch you because it's improper and then yet it's okay if our government does it to us? that's not right. >> a tta spokesperson says they're review -- tsa spokesperson says they're reviewing the incident. students from osbourn high school in manassas, virginia gathered around the spot where one of their classmates was murdered friday. two teenagers are charged with stabbing 15-year-old miguel hernandez to death while walking home from school. police believe it was due to a gang rivalry. police increased their presence at osbourn high today. an 18-year-old from manassas and 17-year-old from fairfax have been charged with murder and gang participation.
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>> it's extremely tragic case, any time a young person is killed and particularly, when they're murdered and these people are being held and hopefully justice will be served. >> police believe hernandez was friends with the suspects in a separate stabbing saturday. that victim is friends with these accused teen killers. that victim survived. two teenagers in the other attack have been arrested, too. montgomery county police are searching for a man who raped a 52-year-old woman in aspen hill. they have released a composite sketch of the suspect. investigators say the woman was walking on georgia avenue new hewitt early saturday morning. the attacker forced her into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her. police are looking for four men suspected of breaking into homes in chevy chase last month. investigators say during one break-in the suspect stole some credit cards and used them at a mcdonald's restaurant in northwest d.c. that's the picture you're looking at here. this is surveillance. police are now offering a
10:21 pm
$1,000 reward for information that leads to these men's arrest. investigators are trying to find out what caused the deadly house fire in northwest d.c. want flames broke out around 3:00 this -- d.c. flames broke out around 3:00 this afternoon. one man died, no word on his identity. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the skins' win was not without a price tag, several players injured. we have coach shanahan's day after analysis next. aswiacs 
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i'm down here in the satellite center tonight with dave feldman. we're talking about the redskins' win. it was a tough win, feldy, because it came with a steep price. a lot of players were hurt. >> if you were playing yesterday and ended up in the game, you were doing pretty good. the trainer got hurt. eric stewart got hurt at halftime. you know it's bad when the trainer's getting hurt in the tunnel. this is a major grocery list of injuries. clinton portis reaggravated the groin injury that kept him out of the previous five games.
10:25 pm
he's scheduled for an mri tomorrow. center casey robach is out with an mcl. derek dockery hurt his knee. linebacker rocky macintosh hurt his groin. lorenzo alexander went down with a hammy. running back chad simpson and safety anderson russell out for the year. the good news is the redskins improved to 5-5 with yesterday's win and with more wins than they did last year. they had four last year. now they have five. so now with mcnabb playing well and no one is questioning him anymore, throwing for over 300 yards for the third time this year as the season rolls into the 2nd half the games take on an even greater importance. >> really at the midway point i look at every game as a playoff game and you got to have that type of mindset because 2nd half of the season they all know how important those games are. so each game say playoff game in my mind -- is a playoff game in my mind and they got to take
10:26 pm
advantage of that opportunity. >> they still sit in third place in the nfc east. five of the remaining six games are against nfc opponents. two games are against the giants one spot ahead of them in the division. they can still make plenty of of noise if they get healthy. they can really kind of control their own fate. >> the next team they have would call it dumpster fire, the vikings that just fired their coach. >> brad childress is out. it came down to brad childress and brett favre. so the vikings come in there 3- 7 but as you said earlier when we were talking, maybe that's a dangerous team. so we have seven, but anyway the vikings have a lot of problems and childress is out and they have an interim head coach. we'll see what happens. >> got them just where we want them now. >> they're scared. >> that's right. laura, back up to you. 47 years to the day since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. think you've heard of story there is out there? think again. tonight we'll go one on one with the man who threw himself on the limo moments after those shots were fired. here's to the believers.
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anybody who is old enough to remember can tell you exactly what they were doing 47 years ago today when president john f. kennedy was assassinated. one man retired secret service agent clint hill was right there when those shots were fired and tonight he is speaking out about his traumatic place in our nation's history. here's fox 5's bob barnard. >> mrs. kennedy and the crowd yells and the president of the united states. >> reporter: his job was to protect the first lady. clint hill had been jackie kennedy's secret service agent since the election three years earlier. on november 22nd, 1963, hill was right there with the president and mrs. kennedy when they arrived in dallas. >> president kennedy went right to the crowd and she would not normally have done that, but because this was kind of a campaign stop she did just exactly what he had done and went to the crowd and shook
10:31 pm
hands. >> the presidential car moving up. >> reporter: minutes later as the motorcade drove through the crowded streets of dallas agent hill can be seen at the back bumper of the presidential limousine right behind mrs. kennedy. hill says the president didn't want agents too close. >> he wanted it to appear that there was nothing between him and the people, that he wanted to have easy access to the people, but please whenever possible keep the agents off the back of the car. >> reporter: so that's how it was, moments later when the motorcade approached dealey plaza. >> i had noticed on main street windows were open on buildings. people were on balconies and rooftops hanging out. so when i looked at the deposit building and saw some of the windows were open, it was not unusual, but i didn't see anything in those windows. >> reporter: seconds later after turning onto elm street agent hill's world turned upside down. >> i was scanning the left side of the street and i heard an
10:32 pm
explosive annoys to my right ear and so -- noise to my right ear and so i scanned from my left to my right going toward that noise. when i did so, i scanned across the back of the car. what i saw was the president grab at his throat and lurch to his left. i know something was wrong. so i jumped from the car and ran, ran toward the presidential vehicle. now there was another shot. the second shot i did not hear that because i was running. just before i got to the car there was a third shot and it hit the president in the head causing an explosion to the upper right of his head and brain material and blood spattered all about including on myself. >> reporter: that's clint hill at the back of the car with the first lady crawling on the trunk, this whole movie filmed by abraham sapruder captured the fateful moments. >> it appears as though something has happened in the motorcade route. parkland hospital has been advised to stand by for a severe gunshot wound.
10:33 pm
>> mrs. kennedy at that time had come out on the trunk. she was apparently trying to retrieve something that had come off the president's head and gone to the right rear. she didn't know i was there. so i grabbed her the best i could and put her into the back seat and when i did that, the president fell to his left onto her lap with his right side of his head exposed. i could see his eyes. they were fixed. there was a hole in his head about the size of my palm above his right ear. >> reporter: the limousine is now racing toward the nearest hospital. >> the entire back of the car was covered with blood and brains. so i turned to give a thumbs down to the following car to let them know that the situation was very, very bad. >> the presidential car coming up now. i can see mrs. kennedy's pink suit. there's a secret service man spread eagle over the top of the car. >> reporter: that secret service man was clint hill. >> so i'm right up in the back of the car, unhooked my feet so i wouldn't fall off. they were going about 80 miles an hour down the freeway. >> reporter: you're just covering them at that point?
10:34 pm
>> just covering them to make sure nobody else could do anything. >> reporter: at that point was it pretty clear to you that the president >> i was quite sure that he was dead. >> reporter: he says jackie kennedy was clearly in shock. >> the only thing she said was oh, jack, what have they done to you, something to that effect, but she didn't say much of anything. >> reporter: minutes later at parkland hospital. >> she was holding onto him and wouldn't let him go. so i said please, mrs. kennedy, let us take the president in the hospital. the problem was she didn't want anybody to see him in the condition he was in. so i took my coat off to cover his head and upper torso so that nobody could see and when i did that, she just automatically released him, let him go. so we picked him up, put him on a gurney, took him into the emergency room and she followed. >> president kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time. >> reporter: hill says at the hospital he took a phone call from bobby kennedy who was in
10:35 pm
washington. >> so i said yes, sir, mr. attorney general and he said clint, what's happened? so i explained what had happened and he said well, how bad is it? well, i didn't want to tell him that his brother was dead. so i just said it's as bad as it can get and with that he just hung up. so i guess that's how he found out that his brother had been killed. >> reporter: hill says he stayed by jackie kennedy's side in the haunting hours that followed. two days later at the white house hill says mrs. kennedy asked that he open the president's casket so that she and bobby could take one last look. >> about that time she turned to me and said mr. hill, will you get me a pair of scissors? and so i turned and walked down to the usher's office and got her a pair of scissors and brought them back. i could hear the snip, snip. i knew what she was doing and with that she turned and they left the room and close the casket and that was the last time anybody saw the president.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: take some clippings of his hair? >> i assume. so i did not see. it. >> reporter: the only time clint hill got emotional during our interview was when he told the story of john jr. being taught to salute with his right hand by a marine colonel at the u.s. capitol the day before the funeral. >> he remembered and on the 25th he saluted his dad. >> reporter: were you there? did you see it? were you pretty close? >> yes, i was. >> reporter: it's emotional for everyone, but mr. hill, even 47 years later the thought of this. >> it never gets any easier. it's always right there. it was only until years later when i had a desk job that i had the opportunity to really sit and think, realize, go over exactly what happened time and time again that had really started to affect me. >> reporter: can you share with us how so? >> thoughts, emotionally, nightmares, thoughts, why couldn't i do more than i did?
10:37 pm
i should have been able to react quicker. should have been able to get there in time to take that third shot myself and not have the president die. >> reporter: hill says he stopped feeling responsible for the president's assassination in 1990 after his first trip back to dallas and dealey plaza. >> i still felt guilty, but i didn't feel like i could have done anything more than i did. >> reporter: is that liberating for you as a human? >> it was a real release for me. it made my life much better from that point on. >> reporter: clint hill is now 78 years old. he was 31 on the day of the assassination. he's lived in alexandria for most of his adult life and says he finally decided to tell his story because he's getting toward the end of his life and also wanted to help one of his former colleagues who has just written a book about president kennedy's secret service detail guys. >> fascinating to listen to his story. >> it comes rushing back. >> and he has never talked about this stuff. he said only since this book has come out in the last few
10:38 pm
weeks has he even told his two sons about his role and he shared his story with us. >> did he talk about his relationship with mrs. kennedy before and after? >> he was assigned to her when she were still living in georgetown from the morning after the election in 1960. he said they were very close. she called him mr. hill. he called her mrs. kennedy. he was with them on the first christmas after the assassination with john and caroline down in palm beach and all the way through the next election in 1964 and he said they never discussed the assassination. we did about a 45 minute interview with mr. hill. it's all on our website if you'd like to see it there. he tells a lot of compelling stories. >> it's rivetting. >> worth checking out. >> thanks, bob. new lead fears for parents tonight, not toys but something that could be inside your kitchen cabinets. we have what you need to know coming up next. first you may only need to stop at one store this black friday, plus bad news for netflix fans.
10:39 pm
fox's neil cavuto has details in tonight's business report. >> competition for your green on black friday getting white hot, wal-mart saying it will match any competitor's prices friday. just bring the ad in to prove it and wal-mart will match it. the nissan leap is giving the chevy volt a jolt which gets the equivalent of 99 miles per hour. the epa s the volt fuel efficiency. to wall street the dow shedding 25 points. stocks in europe selling off after ireland requested that massive bailout and essentially got. it the fbi rate raiding three hedge -- raiding inside funds. netflix is launching an unlimited streaming only to subscription plans. it goes for $7.99 a month and an unlimited plan including streaming videos and dvds by mail cost 9.99. korean carmaker kia to start
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selling cars on ebay. more than 300 kia dealers will list vehicles online. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. a health alert every parent needs to know about. federal investigators are looking into dangerous levels of lead and other toxic chemicals found in kids' drinking glasses. lab tests commissioned by the associated press found the glasses had lead levels up to 1,000 times the federal limit. the glasses feature colorful cartoon characters and comic book heros. feds also found smaller amounts of cadmium, the more toxic metal. >> the levels are low in the
10:44 pm
sense of they're not -- no one is going to touch this glass, put their hand to their mouth and fall ill. this is a low level over time concern. >> the manufacturer maintains the glasses are marketed to adult collectors, not kids. the company says it will issue a voluntary recall. what was supposed to be a fun evening turned tore riffically tragic at a lakers game last night -- horrifically tragic at a laker game last night. a 2-year-old boy fell falling at the stadium. lucas lang scaled a glass safety barrier and fell more than 25 feet to his death. his family was posing for pictures in a luxury wet and apparently lost track of the boy. at least -- suite and apparently lost track of the boy. at least 350 people are dead at a festival stampede in cambodia that marks the end of rainy season. thousands were watching a concert on an island in the
10:45 pm
middle of a river when does set off the stampede. the incident was made worse as the crowd rushed to cross a bridge. many were trampled. others fell into the water. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a rough road ahead for vital public services and one of maryland's -- in one of maryland's richest counties. plus the growing backlash over the airports new security screenings, some of the horror stories. she began waiting in line for black friday last week. remember this? sounded crazy, but it's already paid off. we'll explain at 11:00. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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americans are apparently feeling a little better about their financial situation. that is according to a new survey out just today and that is exactly what retailers want to hear heading into their most important season, but as fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick shows us, shoppers are still being very cautious with their cash. >> reporter: the holidays are an exciting time for kids and
10:49 pm
retailers and for shoppers who say they want to avoid the crush of the mall, shopping centers have a great comeback, exclusive deals, prices specially negotiated at stores. >> we host midnight madness on black friday. so we open at 12 a.m. and stores have promotions from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. that are unique to the type of corner center store. so we have people shopping at the pottery barn from 1:00 until 1:30 and running to forever 21 to grab that sale or that promotion. >> reporter: bargain hunters can print out paper coupons like this one for $10 off a $35 purchase at crabtree in evelyn or you can go paperless. download mobile coupon apps to your smartphone and you'll be sent limited time offers at stores right near where you are. >> there are a number of websites. the visit fairfax virginia
10:50 pm
website has a lot of the coupons that are available for tysons corner center retailers. >> reporter: west elm and cross popped up on our list so, did this coupon for 25% off any single item at sports authority. >> you see a $1,000 treadmill, come in, 25% off. >> reporter: same goes for smaller purchases, too like golf balls. just click on the coupon, show it to the cash ear and ring up the savings -- cashier and ring up the savings. going to be warmer tomorrow. >> that means you have to get a smartphone, by the way. you can't use the thick brick in your purse that you have. >> i was just watching melanie's piece thinking oh, i like that, the big coupon girl as brian well knows. >> i tease her. you're good at texting. >> slowly but surely you're dragging me into the new world. >> i just upgraded to an iphone tonight. >> see, brian, i'm not the last one. >> you'll be happy when she texts you she even knows how to use the lingo like the
10:51 pm
shorthand stuff. >> lol, coming right along. i think it's going to be a good year for me with that stuff. the weather tonight is really cooperating going up 1 degree since last hour, so we're at 55 degrees, warmer than we should be. real comfortable out there. here's what we're watching tonight. fog was a problem last night. fog could be a problem tonight. it's already getting kind of moist out there. we have sort of a shallow layer of air that is warm and dew points are kind of rising as well. we'll watch that. if the wind picks up, it should not be as problematic as it was this morning, but some patchy fog is possible in the early morning hours and tucker and tony will exited you through that. it is nice today and will be warmer tomorrow. the difference is the clouds are going to roll in. there could be some spotty showers in the afternoon, big push of warm air coming ahead of a cool front that's going to cross tomorrow night. now for wednesday a lot of people traveling. the east coast is looking pretty good. we'll get more into where you might find some problems in a moment. after thanksgiving we are going to begin to trend a little bit
10:52 pm
colder and really tomorrow will be the last real warm day, but we don't have anything bitter cold just yet coming. check out the high temperatures today. we got up to 61 degrees, dulles 63 and dwi marshall 65. this is bonus territory for us, how nice it has been, lots of people trying to get their running around done, weat manassas one of the cooler spots at 46 degrees. right now quantico is still 60. down to our south fredericksburg got up to about 70 degrees today and we think there will be some spots pushing 70 again tomorrow. certainly the upper 60s are doable. we've got a few clouds around, but wanted to show you where the weather has been pretty severe tonight. we have had a tornado outbreak which is what you see in these redboxs, about seven reports of tornadoes in and around illinois and wisconsin, one with injuries when a school bus with children was flipped over. here is the line marching in our direction. this is going to cross us tomorrow in a much weakened condition. we'll just have perhaps an increase in clouds and some showers. we think the thunder will be
10:53 pm
long gone. it's not going to hold together coming to the east, but rough weather tonight for the midwest. that's the first of two rounds of rough weather they'll get. for us some clouds tonight, patchy fog. we're counting on the winds to blow a little bit more to perhaps get rid of some of the fog, but if the winds stay light, fog could be a problem again tomorrow morning. warmer day for us tuesday, clouds around, especially in the afternoon and maybe a hit or miss shower. it does not look like a lot of heavy rain, 68 degrees out, feels great. meanwhile warm with a few showers at 8:00 in the morning, 54 degrees, not a cold night. by noon we're up to 65 and by 4:00 if we'll see showers, that's around the time we'll get them. it should still be about 65 degrees. also wanted to show you how the three travel days look. wednesday about 52 degrees, so dry for the east coast. late day showers on thanksgiving, kind of a chilly day 56 but not bad. friday we'll also have a chance of some showers and a stronger cold front coming through thanksgiving night. we'll drop our temperatures friday to about 51 degrees. there will be some parts of the
10:54 pm
country getting a little snow, but mainly in the northern plains in the midwest. here's how our five-day forecast is looking. tomorrow is definitely the warmest day of the bunch. the rest of the week we stay in the 50s and low 50s and we even think pretty cold at night, especially saturday and sunday night, but all things considered not bad at all and especially for people who are going to be traveling up to the northeast. i think you'll find conditions pretty good. we'll look at that more extensively coming up on the news edge. >> kind of a mess, seattle's got snow, a blizzard in utah, big travel issues. >> there will be travel issues in those parts of the country. you'll want to see what we have to show you aming up on the news edge. -- coming up on the news edge. millions of people are gearing up for a thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings, but this food bank has a different story to tell, the startling statistic that might make you think differently this holiday next. in minutes at 11:00 the irs looking to give back 164 million bucks. find out if you can get a piece of the pie on the news edge.
10:55 pm
>> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. ecic
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10:58 pm
well it, is the season for giving and area food banks need your help. with this difficult economy some of those receiving food never imagined they'd be there. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, food banks say this year they're working even harder to get donations. >> yvonne ward. >> reporter: 68-year-old yvonne ward just has to make it to december 8th. >> wheat. >> reporter: this wheat bread will help get her through the next two weeks until her social security check comes. she spends a lot of her money on medicine. she is diabetic, so fresh vegetables from here at the manna food center help keep her sugar levels from soaring.
10:59 pm
>> fresh carrots, onions, black beans. >> reporter: a neighbor with a car drove her here. yvonne will tell you she is not embarrassed to stand in line at a food bank. >> it's no shame. i worked all my life. i raised my family. they're good citizens of society and that's what this is for, to help out people who needed. it. >> reporter: what's going on here at manna is really a reflection of the times. there are people dropping off food. you can see folks donating right back here, but they're not getting as many donations as they would like. >> this year it was interesting. we actually had less than 50 turkeys donated during the holiday season. last year we saw close to 600. >> reporter: executive director


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